God’s Place of Restoration

We are finally here!  What a journey! God has miraculously made a way for RTFM to provide a retreat center as a place of restoration for others to experience the power of God’s transforming grace.

From God’s place of refuge, we will offer and provide a time for people to just get away from the busyness of live and relax. While you are here you can take advantage of our life, marriage, health and wellness coaching and counseling as well as our health education sessions.

RTFM Ministry JLL 165

Whether it is walking in the woods by the stream or sitting on the front porch and looking at the lake, this will be a place where you will get in touch with God and be revived.   And the ministry has already begun.

RTFM Ministry JLL 135

In the last two weeks we have ministered to a family and some youth and young adults in a powerful way.   Some of the projects we have done have been preparing a drain for a new water system and the beginning stages of the new RTFM office.   Our vision is to have two cabins and a place where live seminars can be held by Mid 2016.  With God all things are possible!

In the meantime we are still moving forward with God’s ministry and are presently running a monthly men’s Set Free session that helps men get free from the slavery of pornography.  We are still providing regular counseling and life coaching and daily we get calls for coaching and our counseling as well as making regular appointments to travel to do a seminar.

At this point in time we are have seminars schedule for January, February, March, May, September and October of 2016.   We are asking God to open doors to have at least one speaking engagement a month.  In the Spring and Summer we are looking at holding some meeting right here at the retreat center focusing on health, wellness, country living and simple ways on experiencing the power of God’s Spirit in daily living.

If you know of anyone that is looking for a time away to experience renewal, revival, reconciliation, and/or needs to experience a life breakthrough in mind, body or spirit then have them contact us.  We will certainly seek to do whatever we can to make it happen.  Contact us by calling (715) 310-2196 or email us at:


Thanks for being our friend and supporting the ministry of RTFM.  Please keep in touch as true friends are for an eternity!

God bless,

The Guerrero Family!

Please keep us in your prayers!

All donations to RTFM are tax-deductible

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