Responding to Your Requests

Hello RTFM Family!
As a result of the coronavirus, we have had many requests to do live presentations via webinars.  That has been our plan.  We were prayerfully waiting for God to direct us and assist us in this matter.
We  needed to get the correct webinar platform that would bless everyone.  Facebook is not something that everyone uses.   Also we needed to purchase some equipment and that took a little bit of money as well as we needed for the equipment to arrive.  Most of it has arrived and some it still on the way due to delays as a result of the Coronavirus.
We are going to move forward anyway with what we have.  God is leading and has nudged us to proceed!
Be on the lookout for a link that will  becoming your way soon that will  connect you beginning this  Friday April 17th 2020.
On Friday, Joshua Guerrero and I will be doing a live presentation entitled :  “How God can use Us in at Time of Crisis!”    Time 7:00 PM   Friday 4/17/2020
Saturday at 10:30 AM Pastor David will then give a message entitled:  “Thinking Well During Troubling Times.”
Following the Saturday presentation a series of messages will be presented on COVID19


Thanks for your patience and see you on Friday:)
The RTFM Team!
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