Rekindle Training!

Hello RTFM Friends!
People have asked us to do some distance education!  Our response:
Yes, we do distance education and training.  We seek to make it affordable as the most important things is that people get trained.
Here is how it works:
There is the discipleship course that is partly free with weekly studies.  Then there is the Certification course that is 6 sessions.  The suggested donation fee is $250.
The second course is Total Health that training is self pace and then live question and answer with me when you are ready.    That cost there is $95 and includes the pdf materials.
Then there is the How to successfully get and give effective Bible studies as well as how to reach College and University Campuses for Christ.   Joshua Guerrero does this course  This is about 5 sessions.   Suggested fee $ 250
Then there are videos that we let you know how to access for Bible worker training.  There are about 15 in number.  This is free.
Think about it $595 for complete Bible Worker Training!
First step would be to go to the Discipleship Site and sign up
Then send the first $250 either by mail to :
P.O. Box 6  Plover, WI 54467
Or send it via the Donate  to RTFM paypal link  on this site.
Pastor David

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