Say a Prayer

Hello Friends of RTFM!

We pray that your 2022 is off to a good start.   We are wondering if as we have now entered in to February if you would be willing to take time each day or as often as you can to say a prayer for us as a ministry.  

We have several projects, and we are looking to expand our territory for Christ. 

We are also looking to place monthly videos on the RTFM YouTube channel. In our desire to expand the channel we have improved on our equipment and now have a person to take over that department so you should be seeing an improved production. 

We also will be seeking to have monthly devotional thoughts on the RTFM blog The 2022 theme is Renewing the Mind! 

 As our team has prayed we feel that our heavenly Father desires for us to daily become more and more like Jesus.  This all begins in the mind.  We will be sharing message on this topic on the RTFM YouTube channel as well as the RTFM blog 

We also will continue to take speaking engagements.   While God has blessed, and we have increased in this area overtime, the enemy still continues to work hard in blocking these engagements from happening.  Please pray that God will remove these obstacles that keep coming up more and more often.  

Our counseling and life coaching ministry is growing, and we have now included monthly marriage or counseling 3-5 intensives to help couples and individuals with their relationships and mental health. 

God continues to open doors at our local university campus and our team continues to be able to enter in and spread the message of salvation on a secular campus. 

Last year, as a result 3 people gave their lives to Christ and joined God’s church! Lastly, spread the word about us and even follow the RTFM Facebook page 

We want to thank you for your prayer support!  We want to thank you for your financial support over the years!  Of course, we can never do anything without God, so we praise Him.  We also know that God has used you as part of this ministry, and we could never do it without you! May God bless your 2022 is our prayer! 

Until next time, Pastor David

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