The Missing Piece

Puzzles can be a relaxing, and at times, a very adventurous activity. The most pieces I have every put together (with help of course) was a 1000-piece puzzle.  Overtime I have put together quite a few.   How about you, do you like puzzles? 

For me one of the most frustrating things that can happen when putting together a puzzle is when you are just about to get done and you discover that one piece is missing.  Just when you thought that the masterpiece your purchased was to be completed you are robbed of the joy of completion because of The Missing Piece.   

As you look around the world today doesn’t if feel like something is missing.  As a Christian, as you are looking for answers, hope and peace, do you still have this kind of empty feeling like something is missing

I have been on a five-year journey on a personal prayerful in-depth study on the book of Revelation.  Now my study has been different.  I have done research (not just reading) on the book, on each chapter, the original language of the words in the book and more.  What has surfaced has been amazing.  In my studies I looked not to be biased or opinionated.  I let the word of God speak for itself.  One approach I took was asking questions like:

“If I were the early church, how would I have interpreted what John wrote?” 

“If I were one of the Seven Churches, what would I have thought about the book of Revelation and how would I have interpreted it?”

 “If I were out in the bush somewhere, and I was reading the book of Revelation how would I have understood and interpret the book of Revelation?”     

You see in my study, as I prayed, I ask myself many questions.  I asked God many questions. I labored and prayed asking the Holy Spirit to guide me and I discovered many new things and had to unlearn some old things.  The Missing Piece and the puzzle came together one day for me.  Yes, one day. the entire picture of came together and I saw something I had never seen before.  Here it is:

The book of I John was written after the book of Revelation.  After leaving the Island of Patmos and having sent out the message of Revelation to the Seven Churches etc,  John is inspired by the Holy Spirit to write I,2 and 3 John.  In these books John the Revelator talks about the Antichrist and false teachers.  However, one thing that he seems to highlight (especially in I John) is LOVE!

Yes, John seemed to be moved by the Holy Spirit to communicate that the most important piece in life, as time on earth is running out, is that we as the Children of The Father possess LOVE.  In matter of fact In I John alone he uses that word love thirty-three (33) times. Each time the word is used, John uses the word agape or the unconditional love of The Father.

 One of his biggest emphases is that we love one another! This is The Missing Piece in our walk with God.  In matter-of-fact John says that if we are truly walking with the Father, then we are walking in the light and we are having true fellowship with one another (I John 1:7).  John shares that when we are walking with the Father that we are experiencing true love for one another (I John 3:11) and we will not walk in hate! (I John 2:9,11; 3:15; 4:20).   

One of the most important characteristics of an end time Christian is that they are demonstrating the character of love to the world and in the church.  If God dwells in the believer and the Holy Spirit is dwelling in the believer then as God is love and the fruit of the Spirit is love so we will reflect that which dwells and lives in us! Yes, we will love like God!

Love is The Missing Piece in the times in which we are living!   Yeshua said “by this shall men know if you are my disciples if you have love one for another.” (John 13:35) The questions that we should be asking ourselves are:

“Do I truly have, possess and abide in God’s love?” 

“Do I treat other with the lovingkindness of Yahweh?”

“In my home, do my family members see me as a loving person?”

“In my church am I known as a loving person?  “Do I say and do loving things as a member in my church?”

“In the community do they see me as a loving individual?

“As a pastor, elder, church administrator do I treat people with love, respect and kindness?”

My friends, God is love!  If He indeed and truly dwells in us… then we are love too!

Love is The Missing Piece!  Love conquers all! (I John 13).  May God help me to be a loving person in the sight of God and my fellowman!  We are living near the end of time.  Love is the missing piece!


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