What Does the Future Hold?

Since 2019 the entire world seems to be in a tailspin. The world we live in does present many challenges today. Many are looking to the Bible for answers and others are saying the end is near. Many are wondering what does the future hold?

The Bible does have a lot to accurately say about the future. However, what is says and how we interpret what it says is two different things. Over the years, I have seen many persons attempt to teach what the Bible has to say about prophecy by utilizing prepackaged lessons and present prepackaged seminars with the attempt to convince others and lead them to their own personal conclusions and church. Over the years, I have found that Bible teachers are just following a pre-canned lesson and then when asked some serious questions they really don’t have answers.

What puzzles me is that this wasn’t even the Saviors approach. His directive was actually to go and teach all things that He has taught us and go and make disciples. It’s really that simple!

The key to knowing what the future holds is to take the Bible out for yourself and let Yeshua teach you through His Spirit. Isn’t that what He said in Matthew 28 and John 13-17? “Come to me and let me teach you and I will direct you through my Spirit.”

You see, what the future holds depends on how we approach the way that we will live today! Today, if you would take time to set aside special moments to get into His word for yourself and walk away from those pre-canned lessons and presentations; and really seek Him for yourself you will be amazed what He will do. I know this may appear like a monumental and/or insurmountable task, but with God all things are possible. And, if you do it … trust me, your tomorrow will be much different and it will be filled with peace. How do I know? That has been my personal experience for the last seven (7) years.

Seven years ago, I began a journey. You see, I use to be one of those guys that used prepackaged lessons (I am not saying they are all bad by the way) and presentations thinking that what was prepared in them was 100% accurate. Now the thing is that I always had questions about them but I would just hush the discomfort of my mind and push forward. However, the Holy Spirit starting working on me one day and impressed me that the only way I would find true freedom and peace was to silence those questions of discomfort with what was really truth. Yes, you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free. (John 8:32-36)

As I followed His prompting I turned to the Bible and more specifically the Books of Daniel, Ezekiel, Zechariah, Revelation, etc., and my eyes were opened to things that I had never seen before and I also acquired deeper understanding of truth and Bible Prophecy. The future became clearer! I was also more at ease and filled with peace. The wonderful thing is that as I studied I thoroughly researched history and discovered so many things that enlightened and deepened my understanding. I also discovered things that helped me to correct so many misunderstanding that I had.

One question you should ask any Bible Prophecy teacher is this: “Where did you get this understanding and what documented proof can your provide to substantiate your conclusions and claims. Please, I would encourage you to not accept their document but THE DOCUMENT! It is so easy to cut-and-paste part of a document to make it say what you desire it to communicate. Now, I am not saying that anyone is intentionally misleading people (although, sad to say, some actually are) what I am saying is: check the sources of the presenter/lesson and make sure the sources are credible.

I believe in second coming of Jesus Christ! I believe that what the Bible said will happen will take place. In matter of fact much of what it has predicted has already come true and it appears that there is not much left to take place before we will see King Jesus riding on His White Horse of deliverance. You see that is what the future really holds! The future that awaits those that have accept Christ as their Savior is deliverance from this world and an eternity of peace with Him!

May The Father bless you as you seek to find peace through the study of His Word and as each day you have a deeper relationship with the Prince of Peace!


*If you desire to learn more about my personal journey and even study the Books of Daniel and Revelation verse by verse and chapter by chapter then contact us at:

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