Rekindle the Flame

As you read the first three chapters of the Bible, it is very clear that God has created us for relationship. The first relationship is with Him (divine), and then the second is the human relationship beginning with husband and wife. As evidenced in the book of beginnings (Genesis), Satan’s objective from the beginning has been to destroy those relationships.

Satan’s Objective

Satan’s first objective is to get us to doubt God’s word. As we examine Genesis, we discover that the first step in leading Eve to sever her relationship with God was to cause her to doubt and then confuse what God had said (Genesis 3:1-5). Doubting what God says confuses us and then leads to conflict in our relationship with Him and our relationship with others. I read a quote once that said, “a man at peace with God and his fellowman cannot be made miserable.” While I see this to be true, I have come to learn that if we are at peace with God, then we will be a peace with our fellow man.

Our fellowship with God begins with His word (Romans 10:8-17). If we can’t stand on what God says, we are then open to listening to other voices and following bad counsel. It happened to Eve, and it can happen to us today. We must remember that all of our relationships and how we carry them out must be rooted in the word of God. Examining Genesis, chapter 3, we discover that Satan worked on Eve’s senses. As Eve listened (hearing) to Satan, this lead her to see (eyes) that what he offered her was appealing. Eve then “took of the fruit” (touched) and ate of it (taste). The fruit must have smelled good too (remember, we are talking
about the garden of Eden here).

The same is true today. Our relationship with God is damaged when we lose our spiritual senses as we fall prey to Satan’s cunning and subtle devices. As we listen (hear) to advice not rooted in God’s word, view (see) harmful programming/objects that damage our mind, partake (taste and touch) of ungodly activities or counsel, breathe in the aroma (smell) of wrong and, at times, sinful practices, our relationships, both human and divine, erode away leaving us empty. Emptiness is Satan’s goal to get us to seek more of what he has to offer us. Often times those who are empty continue to seek bad habits in order to fill that void in their heart. However, all that Satan has to offer us is nakedness with the only comfort being the temporary highs and eventual lows of this world’s “fig leaves” (Genesis 3:7).

God Seeks to Rekindle our Flame

Thank God that the Genesis account  of Adam and Eve (the fall of humanity) doesn’t end there. Once Adam and Eve were lured into brokenness in their relationship with God and one another (Genesis 3:10-13), God sought to revive His relationship with them. The Bible says that God came to them; He sought them out (Genesis 3: 8). You see in the midst of our broken relationships God will seek us out and attempt to get our attention. His desire is to help us begin or renew our walk with Him.

God’s Objective

God’s has a plan for our relationships and that plan is reconciliation and restoration. He seeks to rekindle our flame by helping us see our need for His covering in our lives. He awakens us to our need for Him as He walks in our direction. As we realize that our emptiness has come from our rejection of His presence and power in our lives, we are then open to receive His power to heal. The healing he offers us is the healing of our hearts and the restoring of our relationships (Genesis 3:14:21; Romans 5:1; Hebrews 8:10-12).

Our Flame Rekindled

In our relationships we CAN experience wellness, restoration, reconciliation and joy. This is what the Gospel is all about. How can this happen? The first thing we must do is respond to God’s presence. As God comes to us (through whatever means He chooses), we must respond positively to His leading and take His advice.

The second thing you can do is to confess your sin(s). James puts it this way: “Confess your sins to one another … that you may be healed” (5:16). Confessing your sin will bring healing. But you first must confess your sin to God and then one you have offended, which has resulted in a broken relationship.

The third thing you can do is pray for those who are in relationship with you. In the scripture texts just mentioned, James says we ought to “pray for one another, that you may be healed.” Oh how different the outcome would have been if Eve had prayed to God when the tempter came; if Adam had prayed when Eve came to entice him to sin. Even so with us—our relationship with God and one another can have much more satisfying and rewarding outcomes if we maintain a spirit and attitude of prayer. Not only must we pray for those with whom we are in relationship. We must pray before an offense or rift takes place, but also during and after the process of restoration. Prayer and prayer alone can create and preserve reconciliation, restoration, and wellness.

Experience the Flame of the Spirit.

Jesus said that “I am come to send fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled” (Luke 12:49). The fire He was speaking of was the Holy Spirit’s presence and power in our lives. Jesus longs to pour out His Spirit into our lives and into our relationships. It is with the Spirit’s power and presence in our lives that our relationship with God, in our homes, with our families, friends, at the work place, and in our communities can reflect His love and defeat Satan’s purpose of ruining humanity.

David Guerrero is speaker/director of Rekindle the Flame Ministries. R.T.F.M holds regular retreats to help couples rebuild and strengthen their marriages. If you would like information on retreats, call (715) 310-2196 or visit us at

4 thoughts on “Rekindle the Flame

  1. Hi David. This is a great article. And so true. While studying for my finals sometimes I get to thinking, why am I doing this , this is so hard and i forget how God has brought me through thus far. The devil wants me to doubt God’s ability. By His grace i will go forward. I studied and believe that God will bring it back at the right time. I choose to believe in His word. This was a very timely message for me. Thanks and God bless you.

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