SHARPening Your Marriage

At the start of our marriage, our vision for marital success was limited by our pursuit of selfish desires.  Realizing our problem, we started ingesting volumes of materials on marriage until we felt like self-help junkies.  Application became a real challenge, so we forgot what we’d read and then resorted to the flawed reflex responses that were programmed within us from our separate dysfunctional childhoods.  Out of desperation, we cried out to God to help us make lasting changes in our marriage.  Through the help of the Holy Spirit, we organized what we had learned to enable us to recall needed techniques in a crisis and thereby remembering to keep our marriage SHARP.

            Sweet communication is needed to keep love alive at home.  Harsh words and gossip create a negative atmosphere in the home making it less of a place where angels love to dwell.  Since death and life are in the power of the tongue (1), we need to use encouraging words that seek to build up our spouses.

            Humor is indispensable and can turn moments of frustration and deep challenges into fun learning experiences and profound oneness.  Often in our marriage, a lost set of keys could turn into a nightmare of accusations and blame.  We learned to laugh about this, pray and help one another on these seek and find missions.

Acts of kindness on a regular basis keeps a marriage thriving.  Doing a chore for your spouse while maintaining a cheerful disposition or paying attention to their day are actions that breed romance and unity.

Repentance is paramount in preventing cold, distant communication and can even repair marital brokenness.  We all make mistakes, but being able to acknowledge and confess your wrong and then developing a plan as a couple to grow from the mistakes, can add significant depth to a Godly relationship.

Prayer and Praise round off this list of ingredients.  Praying daily together has been one of the richest experiences in our marriage, and the continual praise and thanksgiving to God for what He has done (2) can overflow onto our spouse with praises for them instead of complaining.

Finally, in order to keep your marriage sharp with these tips, you must practice the presence of Christ to guide you on this journey.  Our marriage is far from perfect, but if we keep our hands in God’s hands, we will stay on the right path.

  1. Proverbs 18:21

2. 1 Thess. 5:18

Pastor David and Jacquelyn Guerrero are co-founders of Rekindle the Flame Ministries and reside in Central Wisconsin with their four children. If you would like a copy of the 30 day marriage prayer resource contact us at:

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