Taking the Next Steps in Brain Health

We have heard it before: “We are what we think.”  And it is true.  What we think about ourselves, others or a given situation becomes our reality; be it true or not.  That is because the mind is a very powerful thing! 

It reminds me of a true story. Many years ago, a grocery worker in fear of the freezer door locking shut while stocking the store freezer, would keep the door propped open with a wedge under the door in order to make certain that the door would never shut and lock him in.  One day, as he was stocking the freezer, his worst nightmare took place.  He heard the door slam shut behind him.  He panicked, screamed, pounded and pounded and no one responded.  He sat in a corner and began to feel the chill. He shivered, and it got colder and colder and colder and finally he froze to death!   When someone arrived and opened the door, they found this poor man frozen.  There was only one thing that seemed to puzzle the person that discovered this unfortunate situation:  THE FREEZER HAD BEEN UNPLUGGED!   Yes, this man imagined that it was freezing so… he froze!   As a man thinks in his heart so is he (Proverbs 23:7).

In life in many ways this type of scenario happens all the time.  Our minds can tell us things that are not true and if we believe them, they become our reality!  The truth sets us free (John 8:32) and so a lie, a lie will place us in captivity or bondage.  And that is what the enemy of our soul desires!  He desires to trap us, chain us, place us in bondage and enslave us.  He can do this though the avenue of our minds.   So, the question is:  how can we get and/or remain free?  That will be the theme of our next two articles that I will be sharing with you.  Let me start with the first two principles today.

Principle number one:  Fill your mind with the truth!   You see, truth is what will set and keep us free!  However, in order to know truth, you have to live in an environment that promotes the truth.  I know this may bother some of you, but the world of technology is a virtual reality that often times is not real.  Living a life that indulges in social media can feed our brain with so much of what is not true that you can live a life that is guided by untruth… LIES!  I would encourage you to minimize the use of social media and not feed into everything that you read, see, or hear.  Also, this type of approach of feeding off of media and social networking (including Smart Phone use) creates what Dr. Lusting calls a stress-fear neuropathway (see his book The Hacking of the American Mind) that drives our neurotransmitters crazy and causes a dopamine serotonin imbalance that results in mental health issues.  May I encourage you to make some life adjustments in this area? Begin today to place yourself in an environment where you are in touch with reality.  Get into the real world.  Get out into nature and build relationships with people in a living (not a simulated) environment.

Our last principle for today is of paramount importance and is connected to principle number one and that is this:  while seeking for truth to fill your mind with let it be found in the reading, meditating and memorizing scripture – God’s word.  Think about it, if we become what we focus on, then following the ancient advice of Isaiah 26:3: “You keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on you” to be a principle that we live by can help us arrive at a level of mental health that is completely satisfying.  So today, take time to direct your mind towards the one who created you and allow His words to flood your soul through the avenue of your mind.  If we do, He has promised us that we will have perfect peace!  

We are what we think!  If we place ourselves in an environment that promotes truth and then take the time to fill our minds with the truth, our mental health we be placed on the pathway of peace!

In His Service,

David Guerrero

Pastor David Guerrero, M.DIV, ND, BCC, BHC

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